Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

The idea to create (design) the Doll is based on the story “Autumn” by Maxim Vlasov.

Material: LaDoll, DarviRoc, goat heir, silk.

Height: ~35 cm (13.8 in.)

Accessories: box.

Status: Sold.


"The woman started to cast a spell. In response to her words, almost physical weight pressed the world down, making trees whine and raindrops break on the ground like small heavy stones. I can feel something incredibly huge above my head, something hidden behind the clouds. Its shadow covers the whole sky and it is even impossible to identify the outlines. I can hear the sound which resembles a buzz of wasp swarm, a hungry pig’s champing, the bones crunched by the wolves’ teeth and the cries of a baby. These are primitive sounds, the sounds of the flesh, which cannot be mixed up with anything else. It was in the storm clouds that the lightning bolts were born. Their flashes transformed the world into monochrome images for short moments. In their dazzling light, I can see Yvonne. No, it is not her! I cannot understand where she  is and where the charred trunk of the tree is. Her skin looks like a furrowed bark and her hair was like the withered stalks of grass and her gnarled hands with long fingers reminded me withered branches. Only her eyes burning with implacable fire and her imperious voice remained from old Yvonne."


From the history of its creation: this doll was conceived as an answer to the traditional doll with the representation of the autumn season, which you can see at every exhibition. Usually it is a red-haired girl in red clothes, wearing a wreath of bright autumn leaves. Our idea of the autumn as a wilting, dying and imminent death was originally invented by Max. Then my visual image came right in time and then it appeared in his story. We were moving in the same direction and thought about the same character, nevertheless, our Yvonne has slight differences.

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