"Black Man"

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

The idea to create (design) the Doll is based on the story “The Premonition of awakening” by Maxim Vlasov.

Material: LaDoll, MagicSculpt, silk.

Height: ~48 cm (19 in.)

Accessories: box, cloak.

Status: in author's collection.


“He looked more like a skeleton than a living man. It seems as he had no skin. His body shape resembled bare muscles interlaced with white bones. However they reminded more an insect chitin armour than a human body. His emaciated lean face was calm and his closed eyes did not show almost any interest in what was happening around, but his thin lips grinned. He did not breath or move, his figure resembled a statue carved from basalt.

The phantom slowed his movement almost at the border of the light and then you could see a shapeless clew of interlacing wiggling tentacles growing from the darkness. Multitude of blood-red eyes were disorderly opening and blinking and rotating their pupils on the surface of tentacles.”


Who is the Black Man?.. His bare bones and muscles obviously inhuman, and somehow similar to the famous Giger's xenomorph. Or is the Black Man just a reference to one of the dark avatars of Nyarlathotep? Perhaps he is the death itself that hides his face behind a hood of a black cloak?.. All this guesswork is partly right. The Black Man is the embodiment of the entire unknown, the dark and the scary, that lie inside our thoughts and dreams.


The doll is made from polymer clay (Magic Sculpt). As a result it is a very solid and heavy statue. Its cloak is made from natural black silk and it is decorated with handmade eyes. Each eye was sculpted and painted by hand and coated with epoxy resin. The cloak can be removed.  The pedestal is decorated with eyes as well.

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