Bracelet "Hounds of Winter"

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Based on the story “Hounds of Winter” by Maxim Vlasov.

Material: Sterling silver or bronze.

Dimentions: 6.5 cm. (2,5 in.) - inner diameter.

Status: For sale.


"Once upon a time a giant called Vitur lived in the North and in his veins the icy blood of his ancestors flew. He inherited from them the vast lands in the North and the pack of hounds. They were not usual animals. They descended from the wild wolves that died from a rough winter hunger; from the fast furious winds which come down from the tops of the mountains; from frosty nights glittering in the moonlight. Their skin in a colour of a thin ice seemed almost transparent and gleamed in the light. Vitur raised his hounds since they were helpless puppies in his castle which was built on the top of a high mountain. He fed them with the disquieting sea winds instead of milk. Those winds were blowing between the steep banks of the fjords, and when the dogs grew up, he began to feed them with fresh snow soaked in crimson blood. When Winter came, Vitur with all the pack of hounds would go hunting in his own forests, and in Summer he released the hungry dogs on the white slopes, watching as they run among the steep cliffs, chasing herds of mountain goats. Indeed it was a wonderful sight! While the hounds were on the trail of their prey, their hides were covered with shining icicles like sweat that fell from their backs as a diamond dust. Their feet while fast run barely touched the ground and in their sky-blue eyes you could see a reflection of sparkled never melted snow. The dogs have grown fast, strong and fierce, and only Vitur could cope with them. Only one of his word could force the hounds to run faster than swift wind and viciously snarl. Only after one of his word and they froze like an ice sculptures. The pack obeyed his master as well as the frost obeys the blizzard."

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