Dagon’s box

Шкатулка "Дагон"
Шкатулка "Дагон"
Шкатулка "Дагон"

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: wood, painted with acrylics.

Dimentions (LxWxH): 140х90х65 mm (5.5х3.5х2.5 in.)

Status: in author's collection.


"You can not ignore it. Incessant howl and roaring growl of waves crashing on jagged rocks constantly remind about a near presence of the damned reef. At clear moonlit nights you can see the mysterious lights on its rocky shore. In early autumn when merciless storms tear a bay, everyone hides in their rooms, locks the doors and the shutters, and endeavours not to listen to the Call, which comes from the depths of the sea. It is the devil’s reef that became the abode of evil. Again and again it reminds us about unnatural rituals and ceremonies which had happened there. From time to time boys could find the ancient reminders of the bloody past in the murky waters, where they were entangled in the rotten algae under the port piles. Sometimes those relics of the past look like an elegant jewellery made by a skilful, but imperceptibly alien hand. Sometimes they look like fragments of shells broken by waves with a curved ligature of an unknown language. Very rarely you can see pieces of wood corroded by salt and bleached by the sun, however their condition usually the worst.

One of these relics carefully cleaned from dirt and algae is kept in the private office of my friend, professor Walters who used to work for a while in the museum archives of Innsmouth. This box with a fish profile of a strange creature carved on the lid always attracted my attention. Although the box - I knew it - was empty, I fancied that it contains a mysterious treasure, an artifact that belongs to another world.

I still cannot understand which vague feeling made me reach out for touching the sinister thing. But at that moment I clearly knew- I will use every opportunity to get this desired item in my pocket. And after... I can only hope that the possession with the damned box will help me to understand the reason of sleepless nights filled with howling winds and alluring rustle of sea waves. Perhaps the ominous artifact will help me get rid of the obsessive call, which drives me crazy and makes me dream about peace in the dark sea depths."


Wooden box, artificially aged, toned, with a shallow relief on the lid, сoated with acrylic varnish, closes tightly.

It can be used for storing small items, jewellery and other small but valuable things.