Ear cuff  "The Forbidden Art"

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: Sterling silver.

For left ear.

Status: For sail.


"The Silence has its own voice, so quiet that even someone's timid breath or slow heartbeat can drown it out. You can hear its insinuating whisper behind the doors of the crypts covered with moss and in the dark cellars of abandoned buildings.

Animals try to avoid such places. Gradually, the abandoned ground which has been chosen by the Silence falls into a strange sleep, which could not be disturbed even by the wind. In that place the time is froze in a stupor and the darkness is hiding in the corners like a watchdog, repelling the vain life.

The Silence willingly tells her secrets to the dead and the ghosts, but carefully hides them from the living. There is only one way to reveal these secrets, which give power over the eternity. You should become like the Silence itself: stop the blood in your veins, drive out from your head all thoughts and emotions; become a vessel for the endless darkness of universe. Only if you absorb the cold and shadow of the Abyss, the Silence will speak to you.

When you will get to the border of life, listen to the secret speeches, you should not lose vigilance. In the realm of the Silence the flow of your blood should stay calm and your lips covered with frost should remain quiet.

The monsters hide beyond the threshold of the Silence. You can hear their movements, barely audible squeak of chitin and rattle of bones. These horrible creatures are hungry for life, suffering and blood; and heartbeat attracts them like an inviting call."


This cuff is quite similar to this ring and both of them are pretty specific. However the Forbidden Art is the destiny of a few. This cuff does not fit everyone, so it would be better if you could try it. The problem is that we live in Moscow. Nevertheless, we can discuss terms of refund if cuff does not fit your ear. We can give you money back after receiving the delivery.


We have been inspired by this piece of art and, of cause, by the Aliens.

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