"...something in human mind does not allow just to throw away all doubts. Some kind of genetic memory which have been given to us by our ancient ancestors, the old knowledge about bloody events and fear; myths merged with the truth – all of this do not let us forget the dark past, the horrible shadows and the evil growl coming from the darkness. That's why, when we face the echo of this knowledge, it attracts us, forcing us to look intently and to dubiously ask ourselves - is this true?"

This project is not only based on creating dolls, jewelleries or stories, above all it is based on creativity  revealing a great variety of forms and colours. We collect ideas and images which appear in our fantasy and they give us an ultimatum to embody them in real life. And we, like their humble servants, do not dare to resist their desires. If the petty tyrant being wants to be incarnated into the world in the form of an ancient tome, a mask, a ring, a doll, a story, a picture or even a bizarre tablet, we can not refuse him. Everything you can see here is much more the result of compulsion than a conscious choice.

What do we mean by "creativity" and "creative process"?

True creativity can not fully obey the wishes of the author, it is always unpredictable and capricious in various degrees.

Also, creativity always had a completed form: the image can not emerge from the           isolated, disjointed fragments, as well as a mosaic can not be made with pieces which are not suitable to each other.

Creativity is never fruitless. But before fruits grow, a whimsical tree absorbs and stores the power of the earth where it germinated. That’s why the object of creativity does not come from emptiness: inside of it there is an image, and inside of that image  there is an idea, and inside of that idea there is a small part of the nature. Without this   living spark, the jewellery will remain a dead metal and the words will never make a sentence.

It is the reason why we strive for ensuring that our images look bright, voluminous, alive and completed. In this project we tried to weave the matter and the word together. Each doll here is not just a visual image or a frozen picture descended from someone's imagination. It is a hero with its own character, emotions and background. There is a story for almost each doll and there is a material embodiment for almost each story.

We would like our work to be not just soulless items and stories, we want to see them bright as sparks flying out of the fire. We wish they would give the human’s mind the feeling of closeness to mystery, make us look at the everyday world surrounding us and find new colours and details which were unseen before. Our project “Frombeyond” is made to push the people’s imagination runs wild.

My email: girhasha@mail.ru


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