"Leap the Elk and Little Princess Cottongrass"


Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: LaDoll, MagicSculpt, olive, natural silk.

Height: ~32 cm, length: 36 cm, width: 15 cm

Accessories: box.

Status: for sale

…An elk snuffs and stalks past. She lifts her eyes. 
“Oh, who are you?” “
I am Longleg Leap. What do they call you?” 
“I am Princess Cottongrass.” She lifts the crown from the meadow to show that it is so. 
The elk stops to look at the princess long and searchingly, then lowers its head. “You are beautiful, little one.” 
The princess rises and moves closer. She leans towards the elk’s trembling muzzle and strokes it gently. “How big and stately you are. And you have a crown, too. Let me come with you. Let me sit behind your neck, and then carry me out into life.” 
The elk hesitates. “The world is big and cold, little child, and you are so small. The world is full of evil and wickedness, and it will hurt you.” 
“No, no. I am young and warm. I have warmth enough for everyone. I am small and good, and want to share the good I have.” 
“Princess, the forest is dark and the roads are dangerous.” 
“But you are with me. You are great and strong, and can easily defend us both.” 
The elk tosses its head and shakes its mighty crown of horns. Its eyes look fiery. The princess claps her small hands. “Good, good. But you are too tall—bend down so that I can climb up.” Obediently, the elk lies down and soon the princess is sitting securely on its back. “I am ready, and now you must show me the world.”

Leap the Elk and Little Princess Cottongrass by Helge Kjellin

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