Backwater wooden box

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: the box was made from aged wood, relief intensified by MagicSculpt. There is a special locating block made for Tarot cards (12х7 cm). It is upholstered inside with velvet.

Dimentions: 7.8x4.7 in (20х12 cm). 

Status: for sale


"Vague images are swarming in the dark water, like a shoal of fry. Unclear silhouettes are emerging from the depths, breaking apart and spreading on the surface. The wind and the rippling water quickly washed away all predictions from the face of the river. Only a tenacious glare and an open mind can catch a fleeting vision hidden under the water.
Be careful peering into the murky water. When chasing the knowledge, you may take no notice of the danger. The dark depths distort all reflections. Thе world behind them is constantly changing, turning everything into a false illusion. Sooner or later, the water surface will show the decaying of the sun, the fall of tree leaves, and human features will turn into ashes. A pale hand in rotten rags will stretch out of the water to catch the one, who looks to the future but blind to the present.

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