Авторская кукла "Левиафан"
Авторская кукла "Левиафан"
Авторская кукла "Левиафан"
Авторская кукла "Левиафан"
Авторская кукла "Левиафан"


Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: LaDoll, MagicSculpt, Worbla, LEDs.

Length: ~60 cm (23,6 in.)

Accessories: box.

Status: For Sale

"I was observing a station, consisting of a dozen domes connected by transitions. From Ganymede's orbit it looked like a tiny dot in the midst of an endless ice field. We evacuated three days ago and since then the ice beneath the valley turned black. An enormous radio emission melted the Ganymede's icy crust from the inside. Locked in a frozen shell of hundreds kilometers of solid ice, the inner ocean of Ganymede soon will reveal a monster. This creature was born in the darkness. When Leviathan rises to the surface, he will inevitably destroy the refuge that people built in the middle of this inhospitable land.

I was trying to decide whether it is worth observing a scene that has not been seen even by a single person, when the ice started to break like an eggshell. Majestic mountains surrounding the valley trembled and fell into the abyss. A fountain of icy shards flew up, enveloping everything with a white cloud. Everything stood motionless for a moment and suddenly a Leviathan's polyphonic song pierced the silence. There is no sound in space: all noises die away at the point where an atmosphere ends and a cold vacuum start to reign. That is why this song has been received by our radio transmitters. The air was boiled up because of a variety of signals. All ship loudspeakers started wheezing, spitting out obscure words. Colourful ripples appeared on computer screens and sometimes they formed amazing paintings, resembling Rorschach tests. We would not be able to hear this song without our devices.

A giant shadow went out of the white cloud. The sight of monstrous Leviathan leaving the inner ocean of Ganymede and rushing into the cold void once for all fascinated me. Such power unwittingly caused a thrill inside me. The giant picked up speed and prepared to make his first and the most important leap through the lifeless abyss. If he does not have enough strength, the ruthless space will enchain him with ice and leave him drifting in Ganymede’s orbit.

Now his gigantic silhouette seems cold and is barely visible among the stars, but there are the brick-red clouds of Jupiter ahead. In those clouds the Great Red Spot is waiting like the king of all demons in the maelstrom of a mad dance, like a single cyclopean eye looking inward itself. It is a ceaseless storm, an enormous reservoir of energy.

Finally, the monster is bursting into the Jupiter atmosphere. Leviathan is burning and the radio waves are going mad, trying to convey the pain of this gigantic creature with an infernal cacophony of cracks, clicks and flashes on the ship displays. However, this pain paradoxically is bringing life into Leviathan. Before he looked like a skeleton covered with a thin cloth, gray and cold as the ice fields of his homeland. But the power of the giant planet has ignited the flame inside his colossal body and it is visible through his smooth transparent forehead. On each side of the monster’s corpus the gas bubbles are inflating and his sharp fins and powerful tail are slowly straightening.

He falls straight into the whirls of lightning and storm clouds. I look at its glowing bubbles, filled with hot gas for some time. I see how the patterns on his sides are faintly phosphorescing, eagerly soaking up the electricity. Then he hides in the clouds.

For some time, our devices catch his shadow and his song is transmitted by radio waves.

In the end he disappears in the eye of the storm, so I have to turn off the record and set my course for Earth."

It could be a night light, but it will be impossiable to read a book with its light.