Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: MagicSculpt, leather, epoxy resin.

Status: could be ordered.


“Necronomicon” – is a legendary book written by a mad Arab Abdul Alhazred who is perfectly familiar to all the fans of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Of course, this book has never existed and it is only a figment of irrepressible imagination of the great mystic. Or ...?

There are still people who believe that the "Necronomicon" actually existed or, at least, that it had a real prototype. Who knows for sure who is right?

Thus, why can not we support this famous mystification? Under the cover of natural leather_ decorated with a relief from a polymer clay, you can find the collection of works by H. P. Lovecraft. An endpaper and a spine of the book were aged, so no one could guess that the sombre cover conceals just an ordinary book. The owner of such a book could easily catch a few surprised and maybe even frightened glances in a subway or a bus. In any case, you will perceive your favourite stories and novels in this design in an absolutely different way.

This book can be a great gift to all connoisseurs of Lovecraft or someone who is just going to become familiar with the genre of horror. Touching this book is a big pleasure. Natural leather as a cover protects the book very well against abrasion (even if the leather begins deteriorating and gets damage on the edges, it will just give more charm to a gloomy tome!).

Shoggot's eyes are filled with epoxy resin and look very natural.


----------(another version of the book)----------


In this book, each page was designedly aged. This means that the book at first has been divided into separate copybooks and each page has been tinted, distressed, almost burned etc., in order to create the effect of a very old book, tattered by time. Then the book was resewn and hidden under the new cover, fully made ​​from natural, very thick leather. The relief on the top of the cover was also made from genuine leather and glass eyes.


Work of individual authorship, the book exists only in a single version, the exact copy is not possible.

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