Pendant "Angler"

Подвеска "Удильщик", дендритовый ага
Подвеска "Удильщик", моховой агат
Подвеска "Удильщик", моховой агат
Подвеска "Удильщик", дендритовый ага
Подвеска "Удильщик", гранат
Подвеска "Удильщик", моховой агат

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: sterling silver or bronze, bead made of natural stone.

Accessories: silver chain or leather lace.

Dimentions: 4.5 x 3 cm (1.7 x 1.2 in)

Status: for sale.


"I met her at one of those private soirees, where I spent time at my leisure. It was an extravagant masquerade where all guests wore bizarre masks, pre-prepared by the host of the evening. The rooms and halls were sinking in the mysterious gloom, illuminated only by rare candlesticks. Soft music was playing from the hidden speakers and it literally made people to switch into whispering in their conversations. All of these tricks have created an atmosphere of anonymity, where people simply lose their identity, turning into talking mannequins. Even the host of the evening, despite wearing a bright suit, was nothing more than a decoration.

She was an exception among all guests of the party. She radiated in the darkness with the glow brighter than candle flames. Her dress covered with a lot of sparkles and which fitted her like a second skin; an expensive necklace, rings and earrings - all of these attracted enchanted stares to her, but jewellery glow was not the main reason of her beauty. Her fluid grace, manifested in every movement; a quiet but deep voice and alluring eyes, which could not be hidden even with the massive, blind mask - all of these attracted to her men like fire attracts moths.

She was different from those girls who coquet and flirt with men and  kowtowing to them for their money. On the contrary, it were men who kowtowed to her. In conversations with her fans she often mentioned large amounts of money and well-known surnames and names of large companies. Business negotiations took place in the midst of a drunken feast. Her addictive, hypnotic beauty and cold mind made the hardened bosses forget their usual caution and talk about things that are better to keep in secret. She was an intermediary who enters into transactions which would be impossible in other circumstances. She literally devoured careless businessmen as a deep-water fish angler devours small fish attracted by its light, but her victims understood their fate only when it was too late.

I was not a director of a large company and I did not have free money which could be invested in somewhere, but I was attracted to her like everyone around. During that evening something flew between us, fire which did not exist before flashed in her eyes. But we were able to be alone only when the guests began to disperse, and the first rays of the rising sun began to diffuse the gloom of the masquerade.

We came to her house and without saying a single word we went up into the bedroom and stayed there until the next evening. During dinner I was surprised and horrified after realizing the fact that all this time her husband was in the same house. He was mute, paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, but his distorted face still had a handsomeness, which was rapidly fading. He met us in the dining room, but instead of reproach, challenge or anger in his eyes were only emptiness and humility. He did not condemn me, but I could not reconcile myself with my bad deed and therefore I escaped with some absurd excuse. Only a few days later the passion which settled in my heart, defeated the shame, and I came back.

A few months later her husband died. His death did not change anything in our relationships. Even when he was still alive, I came to her home, spend time with her and I felt myself more and more confident there. Sometimes I did not even notice him and did not seen him for several days. I remembered his presence only when I heard the creaking of old boards in the empty corridors.

After the death of the husband of my beloved, financial problems suddenly appeared in her life: her house was put in pledge for his debts. Large cash transactions for some time took away all her savings and a huge amount of debts hanged over her. She was threatened to lose her house. However I am glad about it. I have no money to pay off the whole her debt, but I own a house and some land. I will sell them without a murmur for her sake, exchanging it for her precious smile and the chance to finally move to her, and forever be near her."


This order was literally made in one shot. The completed image instantly appeared in my head. And do you know why? The reason is in the lantern in particular. The angler’s large, toothy mouth and a lantern symbolize  that attractive things can be fatal. However that's not the main feature in the angler. Do you know what is the most interesting in anglers? It is their method of reproduction, of course!

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