Pedant «Dragon»

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: sterling silver, bronze or German silver.

Dimentions: length: 2 in (5,3 cm), width: 1.1 in (3 cm)

Status: for sale


"His words are crawling into your throat as melted gold; the reflection of his fire is sparkling in your eyes.

You say: "Do not lie to me, Serpent!", but your sealed lips are trying to repeat: "I want to know."

Human eyes are not able to distinguish great wisdom from blatant lie. But eyes of the Dragon are a different story… "


This pendant is like a good blade, charming by the opposites: pleasant heaviness and elegant lines are interweaving. Brutal and delicate at the same time, it reminds of a ritual arrowhead. The reverse side is smooth and polished. It means that you can engrave on it like on the blade, for example, your own motto.

"Dragon" is a companion of a warrior and a wise man, a man or a woman. A person with an iron will.

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