Pendant "Gula" (Gluttony)

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: sterling silver or bronze.

Dimentions: 5 х 2,5 cm (2 x 1 in)

Status: for sale

"...everybody was sent straight into the jaws of an overgrown worm. So I was feeding it and eating its flesh until worm’s blood started to flow in my veins. Then, finally, my sick body dissolved in the blessing Abyss."

"Gula" is an elegant small pendant, depicting a Worm, symbolizing the Sin of Gluttony. One of the seven pendants from my jewelry series, devoted to the seven deadly sins.

Pendant associates with Shai-Hulud, sandworm from the book “Dune” by Frank Herbert.

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