Pendant "The Hammer of Thorns"

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: sterling silver or bronze.

Length: ~4.5 cm (~1,7 in).

Status: For sale.


"Even the purest can lose his way. There is a weapon which strikes a corruption but soils the hands of its owner. And we say: our way is like a narrow path through the thorns, where only a few can pass and not get hurt.

The blade must not become a part of the hand; otherwise a warrior will forget that besides a battle there is a peace, and besides enemies there are friends. The weapon in our hands destroys our enemies and crushes all the obstacles, but its heaviness reminds us that every strike has a price which cannot be paid off if the vengeance hurt the innocent.

And we swear: the weapon will not stay in its sheath because of the fear of a mistake, allowing the evil to creep on the earth with the impunity.

And now rise. Henceforth, the falcon crowns your weapon. He rushes up to the sky, when the war hammer rises for striking the evil, and then falls down into the thorns tangle, when the war hammer directs to the ground."

The pedant "The Hammer of Thorns" avaliable in two variation: volume and flat hammer.

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