Ring “Codex”

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: Sterling silver or bronze.

Dimentions: 3,5 x 2,7 сm (1,3 x 1 in)

The ring can change its diameter, it is suitable for any man’s hand, but it can be also fine for the strong hand of Iron Maiden as well.

Status: For sale.


“There is something which makes you seek for justice, according to a special codex which will never be written on paper or carved on stone tablets. Your faith - it is what the majority of living creatures lack, it is a special gift, more valuable because it was born in the darkest times”

We say that our codex was born with  blood and iron. We say that its words were written on pages of a book which will never be published, because paper can be burned, ink can be erased and written word can be changed. Our codex lives in our hearts, in our hymns and in the clanging of our blades. And as long as our thoughts are pure, our mouths speak only truth and our weapons are not aim at innocent, the sacred charter will be unshakable...

Originally the ring was intended as a present for a WoW paladin (in a special request it has been determined that the ring should resembles a popular paladin armour set. You can guess which one). But I would not create something only for a MMORPG game like WoW. Actually I thought about an image of paladins from the Colour of the Night text game, about the emblem of the Order from there and about a character Lyorre de Nevill in particular.

So WoW fans of course would like this ring, but in fact it is a generalized image of a Paladin from different worlds. If you ask me to describe the image of a paladin (which I like very much) in one word it will be “Codex”. 

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