Ring "Corvus"

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: sterling silver or bronze.

Length: ~3.5 cm (~1,3 in). Changeable diameter.

Status: For sale.


"…Cayman was unable to withstand the heat of the sun and opened his jaws. After him Onza shrinked back, his hide smouldered with many black stains. Taurus the mighty sustained longest of all, holding the blazing Disc to the ground with his horns. But in the end, He also gave up.

And then their father, Corvus the Raven, flew up to the sky and overshadowed the Sun with his wings. But the Sun burned him and Corvus realized that he was getting weaker. And then he ripped his chest and uncovered his heart. The blood, hissing and foaming, was spilled on the shining Disc and when it burned, it smothered the Sun with darkness.And the Sun dimmed and the world became dark as night; and creatures, whose time was marked by the hoot of an owl, raised their heads and at midday they became wanderers of the earth. Creatures of the day flattened to the ground in fear, thinking that the Sun was gone forever.

Corvus exclaimed: «Who will dare to support me? Where are those who swear to stand by my side?»

No one answered the call; even Corvus’ sons stayed apart, shocked by their father’s actions.

The Raven God was thrown down and fell flat on the ground, but before the Sun started to shine again, he had time to tell a prophecy. And at this moment oracles and vestals, witch doctors and healers, witches and witchers who were burning on bonfires – all of them repeated after him. Everywhere on the streets and squares Corvus’ prophecy was heard.

«I am defeated, but not destroyed. I showed you the way, and you will follow it. The day will come when the sun will disappear forever. Blame me for it! Until the end of time blame Corvus!» "


Perfect for not big male hand.
This is the second  witcher ring. The firts ring was "Taurus".

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