Ring "Lynx"

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: sterling silver, bronze or German silver.

Dimentions: diameter can be change.

Status: For sale.


"Watch your steps, Prophetess, you may fall. Step on the surface of the muddy water and on the thawed snow, follow the track of the One, who never answers.

Find the blood drops on the ancient stones. Ask the One whose sight pierces the veil of the fog, who watches through the darkness. Appeal to the One who can see, but who never says a single word.

Only She can teach you to hear; only She can teach you to follow the spirit’s traces as silent as only night shadows can be. Share your hunt with her, with the One who never talks.

And when you will receive the answer – stay silent, Prophetess, you may fall. Put a coin on your tongue, because the shadows which come from beyond, can speak instead of you. Henceforth, you follow the way of the One, who can see, but who never say a single word."

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