Ring «The shadow walker»

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: sterling silver or bronze.

Dimentions: ring’s size is changeable, but its maximum diameter is 20,5 mm

Status: for sale


"A ghostly silhouette glides along the edge of shadows, gleams with a smoky haze on the border between sleep and awakening.

Wandering in the twilight, gliding as silk through a murky mirror, he hunts in the mysterious shadows.

He happens to settle down near humans and lap up a saucer of cold milk in the dark. On a stuffy night he can fall asleep on the heaving languid maiden breast.

- Ah, a rat was probably scrapping at the cellar until morning... – sighs a damsel, rubbing her swollen eyelids after awaking.

Henceforth, the twilight walker twists in her hair, like a black weasel, forming a tight curl and sheds a purple bright as blood on her lips. So now her eyes are shining like burning coal and everybody stares at her as if bewitched. It seems that her beauty has flourished in a single night...

Sometimes he stays only until darkness but often he does not leave for a long time."


I do not know who he is. For a girl he is a weasel, for a man he is polecat. Some people are saying that he is a rat. In brief, he is the swadow walker: half predator, half shadow.

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