Ring "Taurus"

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: sterling silver or bronze.

Length: 3,5 cm (1.3 in)

Status: For sale.


"Nobody reap the crops and shear the wool this year. People bask around the bonfires in the valley and they will never come back home. Their path lies to the battlefield, yet priests have already lamented them as if they were already dead.

These people are not your nation anymore. On the top of the ancient temple the fire is burning, and you are climbing up there to see other gods.

There, in the outbursts of the sacred flame, you will meet a new priest. Instead of a cassock he will wear an armor; instead of a crozier he will hold a sword. He will give you a weapon and a place in the line and he will tell you: “Take what you deserve”.

He will lead you in battle, carrying in his mighty hands fire and steel. He will rush on the lances of enemies with the selflessness of the doomed and he will survive again, feeling drunk from blood and mad from fury. He will say: “I am the one who will give you gold. I am the one who will bring you blood and flesh of your enemies. I am marked with fire. I am Taurus, bearing the black sun on my horns”.

You will know – he is the God who fights beside you.

You will die for him – without hesitation."


Ring could change diameter, but we think it will be too big and heavy for small hand.

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