Авторская кукла "Сколопендра"
Авторская кукла "Сколопендра"
Авторская кукла "Сколопендра"

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: La Doll, Flumo, Darvi Roc, goat hair.

Lenght: ~100 cm (39.3 in.)

Accessories: box, stand.

Status: For sale.


"One ancient legend still roams among fishermen who throw cast nets and fish in the waters of the fast-flowing Gulf Stream. The legend being spread from one mainland to another and through national borders and oceans still stay the same. This legend is not adapted to local cultures like other stories. In Europe, Africa and the west coast of America it remains unchanged. But if you are a stranger or a curious tourist, it is almost impossible to hear this legend, because local people are quite reluctant to talk about it. The only thing which you can do is to try to catch scraps of the conversation in fisherman’s taverns where people immediately fall into silence at sight of a stranger.

It is a legend about a beautiful siren which dwells in the dark and murky depths where the sunlight can not reach. She hunts for sea inhabitants there as a violent and swift predator. However, the siren rises to the surface sometimes. At quiet cloudless nights when the moon and stars silver barely undulating the surface of the sea, it is better to stay ashore and keep yourself far away from the water. The main reason for this is that exactly at this windless night a siren search for a beloved one. She lurks in the dark water and catches young men’s glances who are looking musingly at the sea waves. Like a ghost she slowly comes to the surface from the sea depths. Her milk-white skin shimmers by a moonlight and immensely long fair hair with flaming glow literally spread a breathtaking mirage over the sea surface. Her languishing eyes attract and hypnotize young men and entrap in a snare. Her passionate coral lips smile, but does not reveal sharp predatory teeth. It is impossible to stop staring at her unimaginable beauty as if the whole world is drowning in the fathomless deep. Close to the water surface a mermaid thrust out her invitingly delicate hands. Then she stilly calls the victim and although the words can’t be heard, this call is clear for every man. This enchanting mirage attracts and beckons men and it is more beautiful than any woman ever has been walking on the land. As soon as a victim bends over and tries to reach out a hand towards the rippled vision, he immediately finds himself in the water. Siren’s gentle hands caress a man’s body and then abruptly undress him; her greedy lips cover his face with kisses. At this moment it seems that the cold night sea is heated up by the warmth of the naked bodies. Poor man does not feel that the sea waves cover his head because he gives his breath to the siren by kissing her with passion. Thus, she embraces him stronger and pulls him into the sea depths. Her powerful tail, covered with rough plates, twists around man’s body and her tenacious claws like a steel trap do not let a victim to get out of the deadly embrace."


It is a BJD doll, tail and legs are movable. Human body made from “Ladoll”, tail made from “Flumo”. Wig made ​​of goat hair (removable). The body is painted with acrylics by tamping method; the tail is painted with acrylic aerosol. Doll is coated with a protective varnish.