The tablet "Cthulhu"

Табличка "Ктулху"
Табличка "Ктулху"
Табличка "Ктулху"

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: polyurethane, wooden frame.

Dimensionsof tablet: 14 x 19 cm (5.5 x 7.5 in.).

Dimensions of frame: 20 x 25 cm (7.9 x 9.8 in.).

There is mounting for wall placement.

Status: For sale.


"Cthulhu still lives, too, I suppose, again in that chasm of stone which has shielded him since the sun was young. His accursed city is sunken once more, <...> but his ministers on earth still bellow and prance and slay around idol-capped monoliths in lonely places. He must have been trapped by the sinking whilst within his black abyss, or else the world would by now be screaming with fright and frenzy. Who knows the end?"

H.P.Lovecraft, "Call of Cthulhu"


Tablet with the image of the Ancient One made from polyurethane, but it authentic imitate a worn stone, which long time lain at the bottom of the ocean. It was slightly refined and inserted into the frame (aged wood). Now it is ready to serve as a reminder that the dream of Cthulhu will end some day. And then our fragile world will be faced with an inescapable nightmare.