The box «Three-handed God»

Шкатулка "Трехрукий бог"
Шкатулка "Трехрукий бог"
Шкатулка "Трехрукий бог"
Шкатулка "Трехрукий бог"
Шкатулка "Трехрукий бог"

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: the box was made from aged wood, relief intensified by MagicSculpt.

Internal dimensions: 20 х 9 х 6,5 cm. (7.8 x 3.5 x ~2.5 in)

Status: For sale.


"No matter how huge the evil is, there is always a greater one.


The apartment looked as a real battlefield. Expensive wallpapers were entirely covered by ugly holes from gun shots, paintings on the walls were torn to pieces, and broken glass and shards of vases cracked with every step. Persian carpets were inundated with blood, and the patterns of mosaic parquet were spread out by grenade explosions. The wind, which only used to silently rush in the high and swing at the tops of the skyscrapers, now bursted through knocked-out windows to furiously maul the heavy blinds and fling out in the street handfuls of concrete dust.
The corpses were still in the room, but the thoughtful sight of agent Carl Chedvig slid past them. His face expression was getting gloomier and gloomier while he was counting the amount of damage. He did not expect that this bloody operation for elimination of Frank “the Rat” would be so expensive. Of course, all of these things did not belong to him, but under certain circumstances he could get some profit from them. During his years of service, he learned a lot about antiques and other expensive trinkets. His heart was shrinking from pain and greed at the sight of the passed battle and destroyed treasures.
Fastidiously stepping over puddles of blood and prostrated bodies on the floor, the agent went into a study. Even if in this room there were no fight, only its view pressed on everyone with an unbearable weight. There were not even a single window, and all of the walls, floor and ceiling were painted in the tints of fresh blood. There were almost no trace of shooting, but on the small patch of free space in front of the heavy table from red wood, in one heap were not less than five corpses. Carl noticed a puddle of blood on the red carpet only when he treaded into it. When he looked up, he met Frank's eyes. He was still sitting in his chair and louring angrily at him. Carl twitched and reached for his pistol, but only after a moment he saw a terrible wound stretching from one ear to the other. A Huge knife covered with dried blood was stacked in the table desk. The dead man was still squeezing the blade; in the other hand, he was holding a black wooden box.

– Damned psycho… – muttered Chedvig.
This mafioso appeared in the city like a jack-in-the-box. In just a few months he changed all the spheres of influence of the local gangs. He drowned in blood the streets of slums. When the chaos decreased, instead of scattered, fighting with each other gangs there were a big group of thugs only loyal to Frank. The authorities missed this war in masses. When the time has come, the government was not able to stop the rapid invasion of organised crime in the civilised and clean town center. Only when this process completely went out of their control, they finally decided to cut off this painful swelling by force. And Carl Chedvig was assigned as the head of this operation.

Now, when everything was over, it seemed that Frank was looking at Chedvig with the condemnation and anger of betrayed partner.
There was a noise in the hallway. Forensic experts dragged into the room their equipment by the narrow stairs. Other agents will come soon as well. Carl quickly looked around and stepped to the corpse of the mafia boss and grabbed the box from his crooked fingers.
It was made of wood, blackened by time and covered with bizarre pattern of dried-out cracks. Just one look at it is conjuring up thoughts about the ancient times, in comparison with which all other antique things in this room was not more than modern toy. Something inside it thumped the walls, but the lid of the box was tightly closed and there was not any lock.

– Ok, I will figure it out later, – the agent grunted and put the trophy in his coat pocket.
When he passed by forensic experts who were installing their equipment, his hand involuntarily touched the box in his pocket. His fingers started to stroke the pattern on the lid of the box. Interlaced, coiled lines, smooth and warm, like living flesh; they were responding to the touch and were perceptibly pulsing. It seemed that under his fingers there was a wriggled tangle of snakes. Carl almost felt small scales which were pressed against one another.
Suddenly he felt elongated head of the snake and hands with long flexible fingers clinging to the edge of the box. Although, before he put the box in his pocket, he had not any time to take a look on the pattern, but now he was sure that it looked differently. Chedvig hid himself in one of the darkest staircases of a skyscraper and took his trophy from his pocket. The eyes of the Snake God were glowing from the inside; his infinitely long body was knotted intertwining with the pattern of the lid; he clutched the walls of his jail with two sharp-clawed hands and his third hand he reached to Chedvig in a gesture of a proposition. The dim light of the lamps started to fade and a rustling of the snakes’ scales and a quiet hiss came from the darkness, flooding the lower floors. Gradually the hiss turned into words, then into promises of wealth and might. The enticing hiss promised power.
– I agree, – the agent said with his lips. The hand which had reached out to him from the pattern caught his finger and immediately sagged back. The box fell down from his hands, hit against a step and opened. A deck of fortunetelling cards fell out from it; cards swirled down on the stairs like dead leaves. One card fell right at his feet: it depicted the king in a faceless mask, sitting on the throne and behind him there was swirling and almost palpable darkness. Before anyone could saw him, Chedvig grabbed this card and hurried down to collect the rest of the deck…"


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The box can be used for keeping Tarot cards, a deck stays inside it very tightly. However you can put whatever you want inside this box. The box was made of aged wood, the relief was intensified by MagicSculpt. It was upholstered inside with velvet.