"The Last Colony"

Авторская кукла "Последняя колония"
Авторская кукла "Последняя колония"
Авторская кукла "Последняя колония"

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha).

Material: Modena, MagicSculpt, natural moss and earth.

Height: ~15 cm (6.3 in.)

Accessories: box.

Status: For sale.


"Every year when the forest wakes up from the winter hibernation it changes imperceptibly. Somewhere an old tree had fallen on the ground, somewhere a new ravine has been formed and somewhere a new growth of hazel trees occupied the field which had been empty before. In April the high water has eroded the steep slope, triggering a small landslide, which added to a serpentine brook some new bends and uncovered a strange skeleton which has been hidden before. The snow in the fields has already melted away, but in the depths of the forest thicket the dirty black-and-white mounds were still covered. The soils of the forest are still moist from the melted water and the first spring rains also helped the greenery grow. Thin stalks of spring pioneers plants made ​​their way through the mud and last year's rotten leaves.

The joints covered with dark-red rust were outlined especially clearly. Most of all this skeleton full of dirty clods resembled the remains of some kind of fantastic ant. In the construction of rusted bones you could guess where muscles had been fastened before they vanished under the impact of microbes and time. There was no doubt that a long time ago the abdomen of this strange insect was filled with nutrient solution which contained vital organs. But now the first spring flowers were sprouting up through the bones. Their white blossoms sharply contrasted with the lifeless metal skeleton revealing it as an alien.

Perhaps if the remains of the alien ant were put into the hands of scientists, the mystery of those silent bones would be solved- who this alien ant was, where it came from, what it wanted and why it died and if there were many of them. The scientists could make an endless series of tests with the help of microscopes and other scientist devices. However they will never reach the skeleton before it is completely destroyed by the oxygen, heavy rains and other plants. Thus, all evidences of the existence of the mysterious creature on our planet will have disappeared.

And only the children, who will find those remains in the summer, will look at the star-filled sky and fantasize. They will probably revive in their minds either the voracious armada of invaders or the fugitives who search for a shelter and a new home among the stars."


The skeleton of an ant is made from polymer clay (Magic Sculpt), and reminds Giger's xenomorphs. Gentle muscari made ​​of Modena, stems can bend, and leaves are almost transparent in the light. Natural moss and earth complement the composition.