"Thief of faces"


Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: LaDoll, MagicSculpt, quartz.

Height: ~23 cm (9 in.)

Accessories: box.

Status: Sold


I will never forget that night. The blizzard howled with hundreds of voices and it seemed that snow had got under my skin and had frozen my blood. I knew that even the hungriest wolf would prefer to stay in his den during this severe frost. I will never forget him laying peacefully at the border of a forest. He was untouched by animals or birds. His face, or it is better to say what had been left instead of it, added to this scene an unnatural and perverted tinge.

His face was torn off. There was also a chain of fox tracks, almost covered by the snowstorm.

That was the first year that I was on patrol. Thus, I was afraid that nobody will believe me. I was scared to be derided as a coward. However, my commandant listened to my confused story and immediately called a huntsman and told him to send a messenger to the town. They tied a letter to the collar of the fastest dog and forward him into the snowstorm. The dog ran all night and in the morning, barely alive, reached the count's kennel.

People were saying that when count's servants had read the message, they promptly rushed to the house of my dead comrade. They were holding blades and were knocking at the door as if they went mad.

His wife opened the door. It was as cold there as in a frozen cave. She said, smiling with her pale lips: «He has just left».


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