"Vladimir the fish"

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: polyurethane, bake plastic, acrylic paint, acrylic lacquer, epoxy.

Height: ~7 cm (2.7 in.) without crest.

Accessories: box.

Status: For sale.


"When negative emotions spill from human souls, they stick to walls. They look like marine polyps with black slimy tentacles, which are swaying to the beat of the ebb and the flow of human relationships. These parasites are emerging from a small quarrel or a hidden grudge and continue to grow by feeding on bad human thoughts which their tentacles can feel. Where colonies of these polyps take place, there is always dusty, dirty and mouldy smells and alway dark. Good feelings there can not appear. It is very difficult to get rid of those polyps. Just a few creatures are able to eat them, grown on envy, hatred, jealousy and malice. It would be strange not to admit that such food is unhealthy. But on the other hand there is always plenty of such food, moreover no effort is needed to get it. These facts probably could explain unusual appearance of the creature which have adapted to eat people's negative emotions. (The creature has no name because it does not speak. But for ease of reference we will call him Vladimir, because of a certain similarity with the character of the fantastic saga "Dune Chronicles".)

Overweight is not his problem. Vladimir abandoned the idea of moving anywhere a long time ago, but when he need to reach a new territory, he uses other creatures. The fact that there is black polyp's juice in his blood makes him as poisonous as sewage waters of Chinese toys factory. It could also explain the bright colours of Vladimir’s body which is incredibly attractive to predators. It is not a big deal to find where Vladimir is. He is appetizingly fat and it is easily to swallow him. But this attractive prey has one very unpleasant detail: shortly after eating him an unfortunate predator will literally start to evert. This is exactly the way how Vladimir finds a new home. His way lies in the flow of gastric juice and bile with the accompaniment of strained wheezing and spasms of the dying predator.

Attempts to find similarities between Vladimir and his famous for crimes namesake are useless. Even if Vladimir sit on a diet which consists of only negative emotions, anger is not visible in Vladimir’s eyes. However, kindness or any conscious thought are not visible in his eyes either. Eventually the process of thinking means burning calories and it does not go along with his life principals. Maybe wise thoughts and deep ideas were suppressed by thoughtless fury which feeds polyps. Maybe Vladimir sacrificed his bright spirit for the noble goal of world cleansing of the emotional parasites. But more probably his way of being is just to be very fat.

In regard to the reproduction question, Vladimir is too lazy and sluggish to start any social relationships. That's why he reproduces only by dividing himself. When his body reaches a critical mass, somewhere in the tangled labyrinth of fat folds of his chubby body, a small cute Vladimir arises. His bulging eyes look at the new open world with wonder and blissful pleasure. Maturation, growth, adversity, luck or old age and even death are not able to change his view of the surrounding reality."


Figurine could repeated and customise on order.

Time of manufacture – 1.5 weeks, depends of workload.

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