Pendant «What remains after the low tide»

"То, что останется после отлива"
"То, что останется после отлива"
"То, что останется после отлива"
"То, что останется после отлива"

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

Material: sterling silver frame and simbirtsit geode.

Status: Sold.

"Even having left a city full of traffic and noise behind, I cannot get rid of an obsessive rumble that seems to fill my head. The quiet roar of cars feels more and more gnawing; the sound of trains sliding above the magnetic road, incessant people’s talks which you can hear everywhere between cell towers - all of this makes my body tremble. The city pursues me wherever I go. I feel its smell mixed from aromas of freshly cooked food and a stench of rotting garbage. I feel its hot breath rising from the sewer manholes. There are no concrete buildings higher than five floors for many miles around, but I still wake up at night after hearing flapping doors of apartment buildings and fussing behind walls of the neighboring flat that remained in another life and another world.

I live near a deserted beach and instead of it there also was a city ages ago. This city was totally foreign for humans due to its crooked streets, houses reminded fancy sea shells and residents covered with shiny scales. So we turned this city into dust by raising the seafloor up.

During a low tide, I found an enigmatic trinket on the shore in tangled brown algae. It reminds me about the former inhabitants of these places. When I touch it, the cold spreads on my skin. This cold reigns at the sea depth that never see any sun. This shining stone intertwined with metal tentacles is the only thing that remains after the civilization which we did not even try to understand before destroying it.

Blinded by greed, we scoured this planet searching all minerals, raw materials and anything that we required for converting the planet for our own development and trade. But it has turned out to be in vain. This planet is poor and barely able to meet the needs of our colonies. Spread out across the continent, our cities have begun to wither and retreat under an onslaught of a steadily rising sea level.

The more and more storms come each month, the winds get stronger and the waves higher. An unprecedented high tide approaches us; it will erase the gray itchy crust which is called humanity from the planet’s surface.  Concrete will be turned into sand, metal will become a rusty dust and hungry fishes will devour our bones. And when the low tide comes, only plastic garbage will be left on the shore..."

© 2015  Извне.