"The dance of the white dryad"

Author: Praskovia Vlasova (Girhasha)

The idea to create (design) the Doll is based on the story “The Waste Ground” by Maxim Vlasov.

Material: LaDoll, DarviRoc.

Height: ~50 cm (19.6 in.)

Accessories: box, scenery with stand, nightgown, flute with case.

Status: For sale.


"Once upon a time the glow of the full moon illuminated the burning candles, thus, I could see Sabina gracefully dancing and slowly twirling around the room. Her thin sensitive fingers fluttered over the long body of the flute. The flute was as elegant and snow-white as its owner. Sabina was wearing only an airy nightgown which either fits tightly her fragile figure or concealed it. Although the spying upon the girls at night is a disgraceful pastime for a young man, I must still confess I have never seen more beautiful scene than that before. I yet could not hear the sounds of the flute, but a strong confidence grew inside me that the music was as breathtaking as Sabina’s beauty which I had seen in the window before. I was captivated and fascinated by such a magic vision. It seemed to me that the girl and the flute were a single whole – so softly she moved and so naturally the moonlight was shining on the metal parts of the flute and even tangled in Sabina's fair hair. Even the gloomy giant of the old house could not disturb this bewitching effect: it seemed as if the dance of the white dryad tamed it, and lulled to sleep. The vision ended with a sudden gust of the wind that opened the window widely and blew the candles out as if someone’s powerful hand put them down to prevent from spying upon the sight not intended for strangers.…"



Sabina is a fragile girl who faces an uncontrolled horror that is beyond the visible world. Don’t you think, that it’s her flute that lulls the one, who is always chewing in the center of the infinity- the blind and dreadful god Azathoth?..

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